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Birds Eye® Sauced & Seasoned

Green Beans & Spaetzle in Bavarian Sauce

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Nutrition Information Nutrition Information

Nutrition Facts

Birds Eye® Sauced & Seasoned - Green Beans & Spaetzle in Bavarian Sauce

Serving Size:1cup (156 grams)
Calories From Fat38.51
Sodium248.9 mg
Total Fat4.28 g
Saturated Fat2.28 g
Total Carbs10.11 g
Dietary Fiber1.92 g
Sugars1.92 g
Trans0 g
Protein2.95 g
Cholesterol17.83 mg
Vitamin A14%
Vitamin C0%
Ingredients: Green Beans, Noodles (Water, Wheat Flour, Eggs), Water, Butter (Cream), Contains 2% Or Less Of Bacon ([Cured With Water, Salt, Sugar, (Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite As Preservatives)], Hickory Smoke Flavoring), Food Starch-Modified, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Torula Yeast, Soy Flour, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Dried Green Onion, Garlic Powder, Annatto (Color)

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs

Birds Eye® vegetables with the perfect touch of sauces or hebrs & sauces make perfect side dishes.

AVAILABLE IN: 9 oz bags

Your Comments

  • (8/05/12)
    This is the most delicious veg side dish we have ever had however the stores don't seen to carry it any longer. WHY?

  • (8/06/12)
    Our family loves this product. It cannot be found anywhere that I am shopping. Why are local stores not carring this?

  • (8/06/12)
    Our family loves this product. It cannot be found anywhere that I am shopping. Why are local stores not carring this?

  • (8/06/12)
    Our family loves this product. It cannot be found anywhere that I am shopping. Why are local stores not carring this?

  • (8/24/12)
    I'm with the others! This has been our favorite forever. Why is it so hard to find in the stores?

  • (9/01/12)
    It sure would be nice to be able to buy this in the Tallahassee, FL area. When I lived in West Palm Beach, my local Publix store would order it by the case for me once they stopped carrying it. Why is it so hard to find? It's obvious that many people like it and would like to be able to buy it again. Please start stocking it in Florida again!!!!!!

  • (9/02/12)
    I had not had this in a while, I have been looking for it. Growing up this was my favorite side dish. I am in central Texas, and I cannot find it either. Please bring it back!

  • (9/02/12)
    Love this dish. I can eat it as an entire meal. Unfortunately the stores around me do not carry it anymore.

  • (9/04/12)

  • (9/23/12)
    Diana DePaola
    I agree with everyone else... How can I get this product? This has been a family favorite and I was just asked to bring this item to our Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

  • (10/11/12)
    10/11/12 Are the green beans

  • (11/03/12)
    obviously there is a customer base for this product, why is the distribution so sparse/unavailable?

  • (11/05/12)
    PLEASE SEND IN THE SPAETZLE! I have written about this and I expect an answer please! I need to know where to find this in the Chicagoland area, it's a Thanksgiving Tradition! HELP

  • (11/14/12)
    Is this available anywhere? Online even? I've used this for lots of holidays, but haven't been able to find it for a long time. Are you listening, Bird's Eye?

  • (11/18/12)
    I agree! I have looked everywhere, I am in Utah. Does anyone have a good substitute recipe?

  • (11/19/12)
    Our family has loved this dish since the early 1970's. We would have it with regular dinners then started introducing it for Thanksgiving. For sone reason, it's so hard to find anymore. I'm going to try making it myself (almost from scratch) this Thanksgiving. Wil use Maggi Spaetzle noodles, green beans and the sauce recipe we found by doing a Google search. Will let you kow how it went. Note to Birds Eye: Bring it back!!

  • (11/24/12)
    Please tell me where I can continue to get this product. Why can't I find it anymore? It is one of your tastiest products.

  • (12/14/12)
    I'm in CA. Safeway carries Birds Eye products. Theey don't seem to have this one the shelves however. I'm going to see if they'll special order it for me. I'll let you know....

  • (1/08/13)
    This was my absolute favorite frozen vegetable dish. So what has happened to it? Did you run out of spaetlze? Get it back into the supermarkets NOW!

  • (2/11/13)
    Same problem as all of the above. My ZIP is 60563. Any stores within 15 miles that currently stock this item?

  • (2/11/13)
    Same problem as all of the above. My ZIP is 60563. Any stores within 15 miles that currently stock this item?

  • (3/07/13)
    We've been trying to find this for years! Anyone know who carries it?

  • (3/31/13)
    Have you discontinued such a great product??????

  • (4/17/13)
    This is the most delicious version of Birdseye veggies - PLEASE!!!! Bring them back! I can't seem to get that secret touch when I try to make it myself

  • (4/22/13)
    Sue Davidson
    Why can't I find this product i the store any more? I used to use it to cook differnt dinners. It is and always will be me and my families favorite. Can I order it directly from you? Sue Davidson sandymaxy@comcast.net 586-755-5335

  • (5/08/13)
    I have had to resort to making up my own version of this all time favorite Bird's Eye classic! You can find dry Spaetze at Aldi's grocery store (subsidiary of Trader Joe's)and I use fresh Blue Lake green beans, minced fresh cooked bacon, butter, garlic powder, fresh green onions and a small amount of Swiss and Gruyere cheese to tighten it up. Family loves it cause they have no choice!!!

  • (6/27/13)
    where can i find the green beans

  • (9/17/13)
    Where can I get this product. It's been a favorite for years.

  • (9/23/13)
    Claire Horvath
    9/23/13 I have asked my local Altamonte Springs, FL Publix to order a case and was told that this item is no longer available. Please advise if this is true. I loved this product and don't understand why it is not available locally here in Florida. Please advise.

  • (10/24/13)
    This was a staple in my choices of veggies to serve. Can't find it anymore. I wish somehow it would be back on the freezer shelf soon. :(

  • (11/21/13)
    I live in Northeast Illinois - close to the Wisconsin border. The only place I have been able to find them is Woodman's. It's hit or miss but I bought the last two boxes they had on the shelf the other day and am stopping in on my way home tonight to check again. It would be nice if Birds Eye would put a product zip code directory on place!!!!

  • (11/22/13)
    The Woodman's in Kenosha, Wi was stocked as of this afternoon. I got six boxes and there was plenty left.

  • (11/26/13)
    This was the only vegetable we had at Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is no longer available in stores. The last place I saw this was at a super Kmart store. Please bring this back.

  • (11/27/13)
    I can (luckily) find this locally but WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SPAETZLE??? So stingy now I may give up on it! Come on, please bring back the original version.

  • (12/06/13)
    I know.... What is the story,Bird's Eye????? Last year, after several calls, i got to your Corporate sales rep for Walmart. She sent me a whole case and told me to work with the local WalMart store. She stated that they would be able to get it for me. 4 trips to my walmart later, and i still can't get them to order it for me. I'm extremely disappointed. Like everyone else, this is a family favorite, and tradition at many holidays and family gatherings. What can i do to get some???????????

  • (12/06/13)
    I use to buy this product 6 boxes at a time every week. My kids loved this and that was a way to get them to eat there veges. WHY did you stop making this product ????? You have a product base out here. Just because a dumb person made a disicion that was wrong he should admit it and put this back in stores. I use a word that you can understand - There is a lot of MONEY to be made on this product. I have tried all the stores in the Chicago area and I can't find it. Can you Help ???

  • (12/22/13)
    Please tell me where I can buy the Green Beans and Spaetzle with Bavarian Sauce in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area.

  • (12/24/13)
    Where can I purchase this in or around Portland Oregon?

  • (12/28/13)
    There are two places that I know of if you live in northern Illinois or southeast Wisconsin.... Woodman's or Sunset Foods.

  • (1/14/14)
    Could you please tell me what stores currently carry this product? We love it but I can't find it. Recently Kroger carried it but no more. Where can I find it!

  • (1/19/14)
    Apparently I am not the only one looking for this product. Please bring it back if it has been removed from your product list. Love it and would buy it by the dozen. PLEASE. Love it.

  • (1/19/14)
    We have always loved this as a side dish. However you have changed something. The last two boxes have had much fewer spaetzle and the sauce was....well unappetizing! Maybe your trying to cut costs like everyone else but Please return to your original recipe. This one is awful.

  • (1/27/14)
    I'm having trouble finding this product it stores.

  • (1/27/14)
    Where can I purchase this product in the Baltimore MD area?

  • (2/20/14)
    Just found out that the last store in my area stopped carrying this!! I am so disappointed. It was the best veggie dish I have ever had. Where can I find it?!

  • (2/23/14)
    Sharon Cuff
    I love these veggies! Where are they? Searching for them in Alpharetta, Ga and haven't found them for years. Come on people they must have been special if I have remembered them for years and years and actually signed on to your site to ask where they are?????? Bring them back!!

  • (3/31/14)
    Here is an email that i just sent to Birds Eye (Pinnacle foods) I would like to start by thanking you again for sending me a case of this product 2 years ago. Although……. It is a sad testimony for Pinnacle foods when customers throughout the Midwest can’t get an item that you make. Despite the dozens of comments on your website about it, nobody at BirdsEye(Pinnacle) responds with a way to help get it to your loyal customers. Let me tell you a story. Here is how I’m going to have to get this product. The only place online to order it is through netgrocer.com. NetGrocer will only ship to the East coast (next day ground), because it is a frozen product. I have now had to order it, and have it shipped to a friend of mine in Maryland. He is going to receive it, and then overnight ship it to me in Wisconsin. The total shipping costs will be around $55. It is only this cheap because I work for FedEx. And even at that, I’m taking a gamble at whether or not it arrives before it totally thaws out. Any help in getting this item would be appreciated. I will be ordering it this Friday if I don’t hear back from you Please forward this email to any level of management at Pinnacle foods that you feel fit. Thanks again.

  • (4/12/14)
    Used to be one of my favorites BUT new microwave packaging cuts down the amount by half. Can you say "rip off"?

  • (4/21/14)
    I have loved this product since I was a young girl, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere in years. How can I find what stores sell it?

  • (5/11/14)
    (5/11/12} Craig Our local store does not offer this product. Where can I purchase Green beans and spaetzle? this was a family favorite. can I order by the case and pick it up in my area? zip code 48166

  • (6/25/14)
    How can I get green beans and spaetzle? I'm in Colorado and would happily buy it by the case, if I can find it again. This is an all time favorite, great for lunch, dinner - heck, I'd even eat it for breakfast, if I could only find it again.

  • (6/29/14)
    Deborah gindlesperger
    I also love this vegetable I live in the rual north central Florida area and I have not been able to get it in years and don't know of any stores that carry it

  • (7/15/14)
    Cannot find Green Beans and Spaetzle in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Please advise of a retailer near Auburn or Loomis CA.

  • (7/22/14)
    I have not seen this product in my local Kroger store in over 10 years. Now I see the others are having the same problem. Do you even make this product any longer and if so where can a person living in North Texas, Dallas Fort Worth to be exact, find it.

  • (8/11/14)
    (8/11/2014)Craig from michigan would like to find some spaetzle and greenbeans.

  • (9/06/14)
    Please Birds Eye people, Bring back the Spaetzle! This is the best side dish in the history of frozen side dishes. Tears are falling from my eyes. Look at all the other sad people.

  • (9/11/14)
    My husband loves Birds Eye Green Beans with Spaetzle Sauce, so do I, and now I need a quantity of it to serve at an Oktoberfest party coming up soon -- please reply with information on where to buy it or order it. Thank you!

  • (10/10/14)
    ME TOO..............where can we find these? All the grocers in my area (Central Wisconsin) no longer have it on the shelves.....have loved this product for years....

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