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Steamfresh® Chef's Favorites

Lightly Sauced Mushroom & Green Bean Risotto

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Now dinner's complete with Birds Eye® Steamfresh® Chef's Favorites sides.

AVAILABLE IN: 10 oz bags

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Your Comments

  • (9/15/12)
    Nice package, nice cooking idea, pretty picture, price is right to make it seem like something special. Cook it and it turns into a slurry mess. And it tastes just like it looks. Never again

  • (9/23/12)
    Best Ever - I will buy up whatever you place in stores close to me - Mix it with beef, chicken - full meal for 2.. or a great side dish. Nice Job Birdseye - THANK YOU

  • (9/27/12)
    This is my favorite Bird's Eye product. Tastes great!

  • (12/07/12)
    We love the Mushroom

  • (12/08/12)
    I really like this product but cont find it in my local stores. How ca Love this....but can't find it anywhere

  • (12/21/12)
    This is the best ever! If you don't like it slurry let it sit for a few min. I love it when I can find it, usually they are sold out.

  • (1/17/13)
    Loved it! I ate it for lunch in the office environment. Easy to heat and then placed in a bowl and ate with a fork.

  • (1/17/13)
    I tried these and thought they were awesome. Great flavor. Great taste. Would make a wonderful accompaniment to beef, pork, chicken, or fish. Will definitely get again.

  • (1/24/13)
    This is my favorite flavor, and once I started buying it, my store stopped stocking it. I was afraid it was discontinued. Please send more.

  • (3/08/13)
    Finally a vegetable rice product my husband likes.....thank you

  • (3/09/13)
    Tom A
    I bought this last weekend thinking it would be a great vegetarian lunch, only to realize that it contains chicken stock. I would love if you reformulated this product to be a nice meat-free meal.

  • (3/16/13)
    Just tried it the first time - great taste - will go and get it again

  • (4/23/13)
    Should be clearly labelled NON-VEGETARIAN. I still don't understand why a traditionally vegetable dish needs the addition of "chicken meat with natural chicken juices." Usually check ingredients but didn't this time... had to toss the whole thing out.

  • (8/11/13)
    I can't find it at all, Been to all the food stores, No one is caring it any more.. WHY!!!!! this is the one vegetable, that my husband

  • (9/03/13)
    This is one of the few vegetables that my husband

  • (10/03/13)
    I LOVE this product ~ it is my "go to" lunch favorite. I have had (2) packages now in the last 2 weeks - purchased at separate store visits that have not had the flavor pods or whatever you call them in the package. It's just the rice, mushrooms and green beans ~ slightly disappointing when you are sitting down for lunch - cook it and nothing......

  • (2/04/14)
    Just had this for the first time. WONDERFUL!!!! I want to run back to the store and buy all that they have in stock!

  • (2/28/14)
    SO GOOD! When I find this in the grocery store, I try and by at least 4 packages. I eat it by itself, as a snack, or as a side dish to chicken.

  • (6/10/14)
    Love love love this product, I eat one everyday, please consider doing an asparagus mushroom rissotto

  • (6/25/14)
    I have purchased this product twice, the first time was fine,the second time they forgot to add the risotto...there were about 6 grains of risotto. I was a bit annoyed.

  • (2/15/15)
    Very disappointed. This is not risotto, it is plain white rice. You should either use arborio or renamed the product.

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