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Steamfresh® Rice Blends

Whole Grain Brown Rice

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Rice blends cook right in the bag for delicious dinners and side dishes.

AVAILABLE IN: 10 oz bag

Recipes that include Steamfresh® Rice Blends Whole Grain Brown Rice

Your Comments

  • (8/14/12)
    I love this product. However, I cannot find it anymore in Walmart or Smith's. I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Where is it sold. Thank you.

  • (12/10/12)
    There has been a lot in the news about arsenic levels in brown rice. How safe is this product?

  • (12/30/12)
    such a quick cheat for a quick meal, nice and fluffy

  • (3/31/13)
    I want to know how "ann" got the Brown Rice to cook nice and fluffy. Mine came out hard and inedible.

  • (4/10/13)
    The last 2 bags of brown rice that I have gotten were not good cooked the 4:30 and the rice was still not cooked all the way. Sticky. I have gotten it many times before and have not had any problem. Not sure about getting it again.

  • (2/28/14)
    I never had any issues... haven't been able to find it in a long time... hubby and I were just talking about trying to find it again.. anyone know? HELP! Helloo Birds Eye do you read this stuff?

  • (7/21/14)
    Just tried this product for the first time tonight, and I love it. Simple and fast! I cooked mine for about 3 1/2 minutes, and it came out perfectly! Mixed it up with some lean ground turkey and spices.

  • (2/05/15)
    I love the Brown rice and its easy to heat in the Steam fresh bag but I was told last week after I can't seem to find it anymore at Wal Mart that it had been discontinued ???? Is this true,or is Wal Mart not telling like it is ????

  • (7/17/15)
    Great timesaver. If you could just give us 16 ounces instead of 10 that would be great. Thanks

  • (10/25/15)
    I have been buying this cute little steam bags for awhile. But this laat batch was not cooked all the way and ruined my meal. A little disappointe. I bought 10 bags and the first 2 have been this way.

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