Sauced & Seasoned
Sauced & Seasoned

Sauced &

Less humdrum, more yum. Accessorize tonight’s main meal with perfectly sauced and seasoned side dishes that satisfy. Just need a quick bite? Try using one of your favorite frozen vegetable sides in savory snacks and appetizers.


Crispy, perfectly seasoned sheet pan veggies—no chopping required.


Saucy, flavor-packed side dishes that might just steal the show.


Perfectly flavored frozen vegetable sides to complete the main meal, ready in minutes.

Power Blends

All the flavors and energy-boosting ingredients from your favorite grain bowl, right at your fingertips.


Looking for something a little more indulgent? These creamy, cheesy veggie bakes would stack up against your favorite restaurant’s side dishes.


Ready-to-sauté vegetables paired with exceptional sauces bring that restaurant flavor you love straight to the stovetop.

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