We believe it’s our earthly duty to protect the lands that feed us.

Responsible Growing

We support our farmers' efforts with irrigation water conservation. We also work together to treat only specific parts of their fields with fertilization, avoiding the potential environmental impact associated with fertilizing entire fields.

Our farmers’ investments in irrigation technology in the fields enables communication directly with our production facilities. This allows us to optimize our harvesting and production schedule, so that we pick our vegetables at peak ripeness and transport them directly to our facilities that are ready to receive, wash, and freeze them all within hours. This process not only locks in important nutrients and great taste, but also conserves energy and enables the reuse of water within the production process.

From Field to Table

Birds Eye veggies ripen in the field—not on the truck. We pick our vegetables at the height of nutritional value. Our farmers carefully select only the best, highest-quality vegetables, and they are flash frozen within hours to lock in that freshness. Birds Eye veggies are as nutritious when they hit your plate, as the day they were picked.

Our Roots

Meet Clarence Birdseye, a visionary who changed the way America eats vegetables. He invented frozen foods as we know them today. The rest, as they say, is Birds Eye history.

vs. Fresh

Our farmers select only the best—ripe veggies, flash frozen hours after they’re picked.